A Full Service Law Firm

Since 1978 I’ve has been acting as the good old fashioned “family lawyer” for my clients. Just like the family doctor, I’m the one they to come to when they have difficulties. For over 30 years I’ve been their confidante, assistant and guide through many of the distressing events they experience in their lives.

Whether it’s dealing with a fender bender, where you can build your fence, how to repair your credit, handling discipline from your boss, getting your health insurance to pay the bill or resolving family conflicts, I am here to provide assistance and support.

The general practice of law covers many areas. Over the years I’ve acquired experience in most of them. Just a few of them are: real estate sales and purchases, Wills and Estates, business set up and ongoing representation, personal injury and property damage, family law, all types of litigation, as well as mediation. 

My primary concern is to see that my clients receive the best representation to solve their problems.  If I don’t feel I can handle your concern with the knowledge and attention it deserves, I have no hesitancy in recommending other experienced lawyers I have worked with and can recommend with confidence. Whatever your problem, you can be assured that I will handle it with integrity and understanding.

Catherine Barbercheck